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wants to have lunch in the obama white house. i mean, why not? >> and it happens. you write about an fbi investigation, and to attendant to that that paula broadwell almost became an fbi officer herself, right? >> i'm told that she actually applied, passed a polygraph and they were ready to offer her an appointment. >> she didn't take it because harvard called? >> i don't think it went too well at harvard. she could have been an agent. must have been surreal for her to be standing in her house with fbi agents searching her house and she was just a step away from becoming an agent. >> talk about fredrick humphries, the fbi agent who jill kelley contacted. what's his story? >> what's interesting is that, you know, this is the time where you're not liked in the bureau or the police department or whatever, this is when they start kicking, you know, when you're down already. and no one's kicking him. i mean they still speak pretty highly of him. he was in the terrorist task force himself. up in seattle. and he was the lead agent in the millennium bombing case. >> oh, yeah. >> did a great job.
of negotiations about the looming fiscal cliff crisis. after meeting with president obama, democratic and republican leaders say they were confident about reaching an agreement. about's david kerley has the details from the white house. david, we all remember how badly these negotiations ended in 2011. a lot of people wondering if this time will be any different. >> reporter: we'll see, bianna. but you could hear it. there was a big difference. it was the tone. that doesn't mean we have a deal at hand to end the so-called fiscal cliff. it is big. and it affects every one of us. >> we have some urgent business to do. >> reporter: after that big white house meeting, did it feel like someone took their foot off the gas pedal as we head toward a steep cliff? >> we had a constructive meeting with the president. >> it was a constructive meeting. >> reporter: sounds like some progress. and we need some because this is what happens january 1st if the president and congress don't make a deal. first, those so-called bush tax cuts will expire. which in essence means, a tax increase for every tax
president obama at the white house. and she looked happy. but she did break out that look again. check out michaela and the president. very impressive, you two. >>> finally, a special treat from me to the four of you in new york. burger king has always promised its food your way, right away. now, they're serving it up your way at home. the burger chain is testing delivery service. >> wow. >> at some locations around the country. >> thank you, rachel. >> houston, miami, washington, d.c. and new york. you're welcome. they will deliver your food within 40 minutes. i thought i would give it a try, send you some things your way. burgers, fries, salads, to all of you in new york. supposedly, there's special packaging to keep the burger hot. and the fries, hot and extra crispy. >> it's hot. >> is it good? >> pretty good. pretty good. >> you like it? >> ron and i are going to the burgers. >> can't say no to fries. >> have some fries for me, guys. >> see you next week. >>> we'll be right back. ♪ it's on. it's on. ♪ black friday's almost here. ♪ we should totally go together. ♪ ♪ ok. can w
of staff to president obama at the white house, quote, and this is from the e-mail, e-mail or call when you can with suggestions. the e-mail stated, quote, the white house needs to focus on finalizing the loan guarantee for what would be the largest solar thermal project in the world. bright source energy's project was conditionally approved more than a year ago and is in the final stages of being completed. we need a commitment from the white house for loan closure by march 18th. at house energy and commerce subcommittee meeting last may, chairman jim jordan said to woolard, quote, you are asking the guy who is a judge of making the final decision to proofread and e-mail your chairman was going to send to the white house chief of staff and you say there is no political involvement? in another coincidence or not, the loan received final approval in may of 2011 a month after they reviewed the proofreading request which he reviewed as the e-mails can be seen from his personal account, his personal e-mail account, not his department of energy account. the draft e-mails served, after all it is
directly from the white house and probably not the secretary of state. lou: president obama and acknowledging exactly that. the white house request. petraeus testimony creates a number of troubling questions. one, he knew immediately that he was a terrorist attack. just a few days later on the 14th of september before the intelligence committee. frankly, at least the statements and most members of that committee to examine with the white house line on an internet video, wich the president himself s pointed to, disavowing that very message, that very talking point from the first 24 hours. >> clearly he has amended his statement. the first statement, you know, said that he purprtedly written and sent from cia out al qaeda was suspected. the words were changed to extremists suspected or indications of extremists. lou: he amended his statement. who is the heat? >> patraeus appears to -- the seventh from petraeus appears to be amended. what he did stay based on th news reporting is that the statement that was sent out, the riding said katie suspected. the change was indications o
efforts to ease tensions in the region. the white house says president obama supports israel's right to teefd itself but that he wants td situation resolved quickly as possible. >>> today the president takes his first overseas trip since winning re-election. mr. obama will head to southeast asia for a four-day visit and attend a summit in cambodia as well as stop in thailand. he will be the first u.s. president to visit myanmar where he'll meet with democratic activist aung san suu kyi. >>> this morning leaders in congress say they are optimistic they can reach a deal that would avoid the upcoming so-called fiscal cliff. the president and house leaders showed confidence after a closed door meeting on capitol hill. the republican house speaker john boehner and democrat house minority leader nancy pelosi expressed confidence but neither said how the talks are progressing. the president insists the way to handle it is to tee cease taxes as scheduled for individuals making less than $250,000 per year. lawmakers have until the end of the year to reach a deal. >> do you have a plan to addr
. now, her and the rest of the olympic team have visited the white house. was mr. obama able to get a smile out of her? we'll show you, coming up. >> that's a big question. >>> also, special delivery. what fast food chain is making it easier to have it your way right at home? and right here in the studio, as well. take a guess, ron. it's coming up. >> we'll get to that in a bit. >>> we're going to start with the opening statements in a case we've been following closely here on "gma." the high school valedictorian accused of killing his own mother. the young man so popular in his hometown, the judge had trouble empaneling an impartial jury. abc's john muller has been on this story all week. good morning, john. >> reporter: he's a beloved figure in his community, all-around good guy. his mother had a violent, dark side. jeffrey pyne says he didn't kill her. his surviving family says he didn't do it. but yesterday, prosecutors began making their case. 22-year-old jeffrey pyne sat expressionless, as prosecutors told the jury how the former high school valedictorian bludgeoned, stabbed a
obama met with in the white house since his election, the labor unions, the labor block, that tells a lot who is driving policy at least at the start of the second term? and the labor unions basically said we want no compromise on this, we'll take it to the people. so, i believe, paul, that this president is sporting for a fight on this. he wants to take this case to the people and the republicans, kim is right, the republicans have moved a long way and say, look, we'll negotiate this, but when i talked to minority leader this past weekend in the senate, mitch mcconnell, he says we'll give anything, but one thing we're not going to do is raise these tax rates because they generally believe, and i think they're right about this, raising those tax rates could cause a double dip recession. >> paul: what's the alternative. if the president insists on raising tax rates and the republicans say no. all the president has to do is let the taxes go up on january 1st, he gets the tax increase anyway and beat the heck out of the republicans, for blaming whatever economic consequences happen and
taxes. that is not a bad message if you are the obama white house. >> i agree, i think obama clearly ran on raising taxes on those making a quarter million dollars or more per year and 67% of the voters consistently agreed with that message. that is as close to a mandate as you were going to get in american politics. the candidates talk about it, the voters agree and poles to it, and the guy wins. so he has a mandate to try to do that, but there is no law saying that republicans cannot lay down in front of the train and stop that. and are divided party system, this republican party has the ability to stop that until we get to the machinations of the bush tax cuts. every time obama sat down to negotiate with republicans up until now, they have had an its vantage. that is that obama always wanted negotiations to succeed more than they did. a lot of republicans said, hey, let the debt ceiling expire because that is the kind of fire and brimstone punishment of a sitting nation that turns them on. but right now what will happen is if the six buyers, all those tax cuts expire at once, and then
cough and stuffy nose relief. >>> ♪ >> president obama may have been joking at the white house dinner when he said he would be singing young jeezy instead of al green in his second term. in we done it again, his owed to the president's re-election his lyrics and the ages from the video make a very serious statement. it's a kind of counter narrative to the idea those so-called urban voters gave their support to the president in expectation for gifts in return. he visually and lir cal little takes us on a jurn newny through the challenges of inner city gift. in the end we see he is the one with the gift to give. for the african-americans who supported obama, the gift is in the giving, the ability to flex their political power through their votes. back at the table is chair woman of the louisiana democratic party karen carter peterson. i want to come to you first on this. jeezy put the video out the next day. hip-hop is always worth mining for understanding sort of what's going on with black popular culture and where we are. the idea that at the end, it's kind of the gangster who shows u
-- the attackers literally walked in d set fire to the facility. white house congressional appeared optimistic meeting with t thedent obama abou cliff.s financial fiscal john boehner and nancy pelosi congress and the president can come together. the big issue remains, taxes. how to pay foron such a deal. >> i believe the framework i meetinglined at our consistent with the for a fair andl balanced approach. >> we understand our responsibility. it has to be about cuts, it has to be about revenue. be about growth. it has to be about the future. deal is not reached 1, automatic spending cuts and higher taxes for the board will go into effect. bob mcdonnell is asking the l government to help in of superstores sandy. fema to provide assistance in 25 virginia counties. the program reimburses state and would debrisents removal and other costs. also asked for federal assistance for suffered the most -- and extensive damage. of hours, the future of rush hour driving in northern is going to change with of hot plains. drivers will have to pay to use these planes. -- lanes. >> you can see by this sign entr
. >> thank you so much, jon. and as you know, a few blocks away at the white house, president obama met today with top congressional leaders about working together on that looming fiscal cliff. everyone emerged saying the meeting was, quote, constructive. bipartisan. house minority leader nancy pelosi, who sat down with abc's martha raddatz, said she's confident a solution is within reach. >> the spirit at the table was one of, everybody wants to make the best effort to get this done. hopefully that is possible. hopefully it is possible by the middle of december, so the confidence of the markets and most importantly, the confidence of the consumers, returns to infuse our economy with demand, which creates jobs. >> and we will see more of nancy pelosi and martha when martha sits in for george stephanopoulos sunday morning, hosting "this week." >>> and tonight, a town in west texas is grieving. it was supposed to be a celebration of veterans but that turned into a tragedy when the freight train smashed into a parade float. the parade float was stuck on the tracks in midland, texas, and then a s
those brakes were applied. >> mason: anna werner, thanks, anna. at the white house today ouesident obama met with congressional leaders to try to trk out a deal to avoid the so- .alled fiscal cliff. eret's the combination of severe budget cuts and tax hikes that will go into effect in january if there's no agreement on the budget. nancy cordes is at the white house and, nancy, it appears that everyone's at least a bit more optimistic now, right? >> reporter: that's right, anthony. today's meeting was just the first step and the outlines of a daal are still far from clear. ep ain the wake of last week's election, leaders from both sides appear more eager to compromise with one another than they have perhaps in years. >> i think we're all aware that wa have some urgent business to do. >> reporter: the president, vice president and four top congressional leaders insisted they are willing to put their own sacred cows on the line to get a deal and calm jittery financial markets. >> to show our seriousness, we've put revenue on the table. as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cut
. there is no scandal here. >> she gave her sense -- her spin, the white house spin. the obama spin probably started there at that level. it is said now, for the unrolling of events in benghazi that involved four americans getting killed. >> this was five days after the events. they had minimal amounts of intelligence. they were not allowed to put in things that they hadn't already nailed down. this was what they were prepared to put out five days later. it changed a number of times repeatedly after that. but at the moment, she did nothing wrong. >> that is nonsense. look, these cia guys were in a firefight that night seven and a half hours. two of their guys, the seals with cia got killed. they came out, reported back. you had real-time intelligence. the cia, according to petraeus on friday, said he had in his talking points that this may have been an al-qaeda operation. that's taken out. carney and then petraeus and then rice repeatedly and the president say it came out of some spontaneous protest. there was no spontaneous protest. there was a terrorist attack. >> do you think that this is, in add
to make of this big meeting at the white house? president obama met with congressional leaders and they made optimistic noises about how they are confident they'll reach a deal to avoid the looming fiscal cliff? the meeting helped stem the tide of decline. it caused the averages to slightly rebound. the dow closing up 46 points, pretty impressive. call me cynical, but i think we need to be careful about getting too excited about any near term resolution. how many times during the debt ceiling debacle, remember that? did our leaders insist they could hammer out a deal. even a huge grand bargain to fix the deficit only to have the negotiations unravel. until we get a resolution, the fiscal cliff will be the most important issue out there. tonight as part of my game plan, i'm going to give the historical prism as long as the cliff is hanging over our heads. as a grizzled veteran of the markets, i searched my memory for the perfect analog for this moment and found it in something that happened more than 20 years ago before i give you the investing framework for the next six weeks,
rivera on general petraeus' testimony today. and the cool factor putting president obama back in the white house. geraldo, he's next having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. i'm thinking about upgrading... finally! jonathan was fine when you were in your 20s, but he's not right for you. good-bye jonathan and his creepy little girl hands. i meant... [ male announcer ] or choosing a windows 8 device with help from the experts at staples. another way staples and hp make it easier to upgrade. make your windows 8 experience even better with hp. and this week, get $200 off the hp envy dv6 notebook. staples. that was easy. >> greg: thanks for staying with us. i'm greg gutfeld in for bill o'reilly. in the friday's with geraldo segment, there are so many questions surrounding the timing of general petraeus' resignation, including why didn't president obama know about the investigation into
president obama back in the white house. geraldo, he's next having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. >> greg: thanks for staying with us. i'm greg gutfeld in for bill o'reilly. in the friday's with geraldo segment, there are so many questions surrounding the timing of general petraeus' resignation, including why didn't president obama know about the investigation into the former c.i.a. director earlier? attorney general eric holder attempted to clear that up. >> we made the determine aches as we were going through the matter that there was not a threat to national security. had we made the determination that a threat to national security existed, we would, of course, have made that known to the president and also to the appropriate members on the hill. >> greg: with us now, the legendary geraldo rivera. before we get to the petraeus investigation, i want to get your thoughts on the libya tes
we talk about white people than even the white vote. jews voted 70% 4 barack obama. most jews are white. young white women basically slightly favored the president. college-educated white women favored the president. there's also sad to say real geographic split. if you take the south and disaggregate the south, not talking about florida. [laughter] >> you guys did a great. if you disaggregate the south, white people don't look so bad. barack obama probably won't up getting thirty million white votes, something like that. the notion that we would allow ourselves as liberal advocates to lump a group of people together in that way is self-destructive as well as not very nice. i came to feel more i work on these issues that particularly white liberals like me, i used to be one of them, are really -- get a lot of self-esteem from thinking we are the good ones. those uneducated white people are the problem. when in fact it is a problem of class. the positive note i will end on is really president obama wound up not needing a fire wall. he won big. but he had a fire wall in ohio and
with president obama at the white house. lee saunders, president of asfcme, the american federation of state, court and municipality state county and municipal employees said the coalition that re-elected president obama would remain intact to pressure lawmakers during the standoff over the fiscal curve. >> what we're going to do is keep our members mobilized and organized in certain communities across the country. we're going to another campaign, we won the election but we're going into another campaign now. >> for his part president obama reiterated on wednesday the election had delivered a clear verdict on the question of whether taxes should be raised on income over $250,000. >> if there was one thing that everybody understood it was a big difference between myself and mr. romney it was when it comes to how we reduce our deficit i argued for a polled, responsible approach, and part of that included make sure the wealthiest americans pay a little bit more. i think every voter out there understood that that was an important debate. and the majority of voters agreed with me. >> president ob
getting into more trouble. the white house very much believes that president obama believes that nothing else, he has a mandate on the corporate, on the taxes, raising taxes on the wealthy and big business. it was a part of every single one of his stump speeches during the campaign. >> the testing. gwen: they're polling. >> you can't go to the white house without saying the exit polling say the americans agree with them. the people at the white house at the very least thinks that that message has gone through to the republicans, gotten through to the republicans. whether that's the case or not, that describes the circumstance for where we could be end up in a situation where we're standing on the edge of the cliff if the white house miscalculates how much the republicans are willing to back down on that. >> we use dire terms, ticking time bomb, edge of the cliff. some people say it might not be that bad if we get past the december 31 deadline them. talk to a slope. >> we got to a point in washington where you can't agree on the metaphors. obstacle course, look, if we get to the year with
and this is "viewpoint." it seems like all sweetness and light at the white house today as president obama began negotiations with congressional leaders to try and back the economy away from the so-called fiscal cliff. or use a less popular but more accurate term, to try to keep the year-end austerity bomb from exploding and raining sharp freely on the u.s. economy oh. >> obama: our challenge is to make sure that we're able to cooperate together, work together, find some common ground. my hope is that this is going to be the beginning of a fruitful process where we're able to come to an agreement that will reduce our deficit in a balanced way. >> eliot: once the meeting was over the congressional leaders all agreed that some sort of agreement was possible. democrats reid and pelosi were firm on the need to compromise and get things done quickly. >> we have the cornerstones of being able to work something out. we're both going to have to give up things that we know are a problem. >> we should have a goal in terms of how much deficit reduction. we should have a deadline before christmas. before sh
obama's opponents have come up with a way to avoid the fiscal cliff. there's a large number of patriotic americans mostly from states won by mitt romney who have petitioned the white house to let hem secede. you're saying let them for one big reason. >> well, yes. i'd hate to lose these states because our country has 50 states for a good reason and we like our fellow americans. but strictly as a budgetary matter, if you look at the states that supported mitt rom if i, a lot of those states that want out of the union whether in the south, some in the plains and the mountain states, these are the ones that take far more in federal spending than they give tax dollars. so if you similply lop them off the union we would have a far more prosperous nation. but we'd have other problems. >> ashley, let's talk about what you've been reporting on which is mitt romney's gift remarks. here's a bit of what the defeated gop candidate said. here it is. >> what the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and
concerning the so-called fiscal cliff. the white house reporting this morning president obama will meet with congressional leaders the week after thanksgiving to continue the budget talks. this as leaders on both sides of the aisle show new signs of compromise. >> to show our seriousness, we put revenue on the table, as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cuts. and while we're going to continue to have revenue on the table, it's going to be incumbent for my colleagues to show the american people that we're serious about cutting spending. >> we understand our responsibility there. we understand that it has to be about cuts. it has to be about revenue, it has to be about growth. it has to be about the future. >> gregg: can we really expect a deal before the end of the year, a big deal, a minor deal, maybe no deal? heading for another financial crisis. jonathan joins us, former national republican committee chairman. tim is a former economic advisor to president bill clinton, former advisor to the senate finance committee and a partner with monument policy group. gentlemen, go
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. the associated press reports jill kelly and twin city had lunch at the white house cafeteria and september as guests of a white house aid. and paula broadwell attended meetings in part of the s that buildings. white house officials say neither woman met president obama. >>> a potentially deadly plot is foiled. see who tipped off police about a young man's plan to open fire during a showing of the new twilight movie. >>> and back here in just a couple of minute, i will time out the weekend's rain right into sunday where there's no rain forecast. >>> a 14-year-old (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> vallejo police say they have arrested a 14-year-old boy for kidnap, sexual assault and attempted murder of a 65-year- old woman. the elderly victim told police the teen kidnapped her at gunpoint at a parking lot about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the woman is
.s. president to visit myanmar. >> jamie: and the white house is now reporting that president obama has set up a meeting with congressional leaders the week after thanksgiving. no doubt they will discuss how to avoid the fiscal cliff. that's a series of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts due to kick in the beginning of next year. at that point the tax rates are expected to be a sticking point in the negotiations because both sides have already made their case to the american people, listen. >> the other path is for congress to pass a law right away to prevent a tax like on the first $250,000 of anyone's income. and that means all americans, including the wealthiest americans get a tax cut and 98% of americans and 97% of iness owners won't see their income taxes go up a single dime. the senate has already passed a bill like this, democrats in the house are ready it pass one, too. all we need is for republicans in the house to come on board. we shouldn't hold the middle class hostage while congress debates tax cuts for the wealthy. >> tax reform that eliminates wasteful tax to generate revenu
to ease tensions in the region. the white house says president obama supports israel's right to defend itself but that he wants the situation to be resolved as quickly as possible. >>> right now one of this year's most high profile charities is getting ready to demonstrate here in washington. supporters of the invisible children, the charity that made the viral video kony 2012 are attending a global summit at the washington convention center to press leaders on stopping joseph kony. he is the man said to be responsible for the kidnapping and murder of thousands of children and forcing them to serve in his lords resistance army. this afternoon the group will head to the white house with plans of surrounding the building. >>> today the president will head overseas for the first time since winning re-election. the president just left the joint base a few minutes ago traveling to southeast asia for a four-day visit. president obama will attend a regional summit in cambodia as well as stop in thailand. he is also going to be the first u.s. president to visit myanmar where he'll meet with de
determine whether a rocket is expected to land into a populated area or not. >> jamie: meanwhile, the white house today is reiterating that israel, quote, as a right to defend itself defense any attacks and the top two aides of president obama or top aide i should say, also telling reporters that the u.s. and israel both want an end to the rocket fire. that's coming from the gaza strip. president obama has also spoken to the leaders of egypt and turkey, and the administration feels they have the ability to encourage hamas to end this violence. >> and while this situation in the mideast develops, president obama is on his way to southeast asia. deputy national security advisor ben rhodes says working with that region will be a critical part of the president's second term, and ultimately his foreign policy legacy. president obama will first arrive at thailand before moving on to cambodian and then on monday, he will make history by becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit myanmar. >> jamie: and the white house is now reporting that president obama has set up a meeting with congressi
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